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Hey Jerky, The Beaujolais Nouveau Conspiracy, Getting Cased, and Who New?

Hey Jerky, The Beaujolais Nouveau Conspiracy, Getting Cased, and Who New?




     The Beaujolais Nouveau Conspiracy

     Today, the 2005 French Nouveau Beaujolais were released and if you follow the very specific official French website, they were supposed to be drunk on "Thursday 17th November, at 00 h 00 precisely."  Well, though we did synchronize our watches and set our alarm for 00 O'Clock this morning, we slept right through it.  Damn.  I guess that means all of you need to come to our bar tonight and help us drink it all.  What used to be a fun French pub crawl featuring these fresh, red wines on the third Thursday of November, has become a global sensation (and fancy bit of marketing) celebrated by the world over.  Though it is now French law that these wines cannot be served even at 11:59pm on Wednesday, the truth is, this is just fun, light, fruity red wine meant to be enjoyed young and not necessarily with food.  And why balk at another reason for a celebration?  Come on out for an evening of Beaujolais Nouveau.


Wine Tasting Schedule



Thursday the 17th


The bar is open and we're pouring our Beaujolais Nouveau from Pierre Ferraud 

plus 5 other wines  ranging from $4-$10/glass


Who New?  

Friday the 18th



5 wines and artisanal cheeses provided by Auntie Em's Kitchen

Reservations recommended: or (323) 478-1985 

We've got a gaggle of new wines coming in the door over the next two weeks so we thought we'd highlight a few for you.  And because they're new you're allowed to haze them and make them feel like they're "not part of the group."  Make them earn it.


La Yunta Torrontes 2005, Mendoza, Argentina

Holly's Hill Viognier 2002, Sierra Foothills, California

Star Hill Pinot Noir 2001, Napa Valley, California

Noceto Sangiovese 2003, Shenandoah Valley, California

Domaine de Fontenelle Grenache/Syrah


Sunday Tasting

This Sunday the 20th



4 wines and artisanal cheeses provided by Auntie Em's Kitchen

We have no earthly idea what we're pouring yet but I'll tell you this....they will undeniably change your life and more than likely make you cooler, more popular, and much better looking (give us a break, the holidays are gettin' busy).  


2 reds and 2 whites

Check back on Friday for wine selections -->


Hey Jerky

Next Friday the 25th



5 wines, a selection of fine jerky, and artisanal cheeses

provided by Auntie Em's Kitchen

Reservations recommended: or (323) 478-1985

Oh yes, a wine and beef jerky pairing.  Are we the first to hold an official wine and jerky tasting?  Could it be true?  If so, that's a shame.  We're gonna pair some smoky reds with an array of fancy jerky from The Jerky Works , boldly breaking down the barriers between road trip, highway food and fine, French dining.  Perhaps we'll spawn a chain of rest stop bistros?  Perhaps no one will show up at all?  Who cares.  It'll be fun.  And it's a great night to bring your beloved weekend Thanksgiving guests to your local wine store or simply to give them something to do so you don't have to talk to them anymore. 


Wines TBD

Check back next week for wine selections -->


Sunday Tasting

Sunday the 27th



4 wines and artisanal cheeses provided by Auntie Em's Kitchen
We know even less about this tasting than we do about the one a week before but we're pretty sure that if you show up, you will become very strong and very, very cunning.  Also, if anyone knows a good laywer that deals in 'false advertising', we'd love to hear from you.


Getting Cased

     So far, we have only provided a tiny little sign near the checkout desk showing that we give 10% off on all cases (not of one wine, but any 12 bottles in the store, mixed).  This kinda looks like we've been hiding it (as a few customers have pointed out), so we wanted to proclaim our case discount from the rooftops. 

10% Off 12 Bottles or More ALL THE TIME!!!!

One Wish

     It's getting cooler now and red wines are flying out the door.  One red from Australia has been getting a lot of press so we thought we'd highlight it for you here as well.  The Wishing Tree Shiraz has gotten Best Buys from Wine Spectator year in and year out and has just received an 89 points in the latest issue.  If you know us, you know we don't live and die on the wine rag rating system but we often agree with their standouts.  We've had this gem on the shelves for a couple months and think it's a steal for $9.99 .


See You Soon,

John and Jen NUGENT (as in Ted)


"Writing in my sixty-fourth year, I can truthfully say that since I reached the age of discretion I have consistently drunk more than most people would say is good for me. Nor did I regret it. Wine has been for me a firm friend and a wise counsellor. has shown me matters in their true perspective, and has, as though by the touch of a magic wand, reduced great disasters to small inconveniences. Wine has lit up for me the pages of literature, and revealed in life romance lurking in the commonplace. Wine has made me bold but not foolish; has induced me to say silly things but not to do them."

~ Duff Cooper, Old Men Forget

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