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Newsletter Archive

We've blathered on so much, we actually have quite an archive of blatherings now. Can't remember which wine we loved so much in March 2005? Want to know when we toasted Eric Estrada's birthday? Find it here. (sorry, the graphics are stripped away in the archive)

February 14, 2013We're Here- Not There, It's I Heart You Day and Sherry's Coming
February 1, 2013Oh, Sherry - Hold On, Smooth Jerk, and BEER FLIGHT THURSDAYS!
January 11, 2013Spoon or Spread, There's the Rub, and Start the Presses
December 14, 2012The Grand Re-Opening, Thirty Dollar Champagne, and Truck Amuck
November 16, 2012Home is Where the Wine Is, Trucks with Food in Them, and We Do Like Mondays
October 5, 2012The Rumors Are True and the ER Music Fest is this Saturday!
September 13, 2012WOOT WOOT 2012, The ER Music Festival is 10.6, and our Duplicitous Shoebox
August 3, 2012The Eric/Kent Fall Preview Tasting, Goin' for Gold, and The Trashiest of All Wine Tastings
July 13, 2012Parents' Night Out Round Three, 2012 Bubbly Tasting! and Someone Needs a Self-Hug
June 28, 2012Parents' Night Out Round Two, Wine with your Pop, and Opus in Your Optimus
May 24, 2012Parents' Night Mach II, The Distinguished Warlord, and Kent on the Horizon
April 27, 2012You May Kiss the Wine, Paradise Really Lost, You're Mommy's Favorite (after wine)
April 6, 2012Egg Wars and Happy Landoing
March 23, 2012Stetson: Cologne for that Eastern European Cowboy in You, and Parents' Night Out: The Musical!
February 24, 2012The Bee's Knees, Mmmmmm Pilgrim Hats, and The Fuzz Don't Get Fuzzy
February 10, 2012We Are This Many Old, Where Are They Now? and Happy Coerced Affection Day!
January 26, 2012The Lambrusco Ruse or Why Susan Lucci Doesn't Own Me, and Baryshnikov's Sinister Birthday
January 13, 2012Happy Dragons, Friggatriskaidekaphobia, and Cheese O' the Month
December 7, 2011Boxed Wine Flight Tomorrow! and Is It Merry Christmas Time Yet?
November 18, 2011Occupy My Tummy, Mr. Happy Liver, and The Tears of a Clown
November 8, 2011Korbin Kameron Tasting Thursday Night!
October 28, 2011The Other Ming Dynasty, We've Mulled it Over, and a Boxing Match
September 29, 2011Sunset Beer is OPEN, The Eagle Rock Music Festival is Saturday, and Dead Pixies
September 1, 2011Woot Woot Eleven Cometh, The Going-To-Happen Eagle Rock Music Festival, and The Triple Lindy
August 5, 2011The Return of the Kent, Robot! Hold My Wine!, and WOOT WOOT 2011 is ON
July 1, 2011May the 4th Be With You, Beer-Cheese Tasting w/ Alex Squared, and How to Make Your Fannypack Sparkle
June 24, 2011The Musicians Didn't Help, Hockey Puck Sulphur Snakes, and Nascetta - The Freshmaker
June 9, 2011Captain Caveman, Wine for Huntin', and Perch N Destroy
April 15, 2011BEER update, Caspar the Once-Friendly Ghost, and MMMmmm Sulfites
March 25, 2011The Bugle Boys, Skyleaf Skyleaf, and Tight Jeans and Vinyl
March 8, 2011VOTE...All the Cool Kids Are Doing It
February 25, 2011Oscar the Grouch, Stay Dry Pony Boy, and I Like to Muga Muga
February 4, 2011SIX, Coca-Cola With Booze In It, and I Live to Larp!
January 7, 2011Bring on the Fanciness, You Say You Want a Resolution, and Abstract Thinking
December 19, 2010Raindeer Games, These ARE the Droids You're Looking For, and The Drive-Thru Window
November 24, 2010Load and Activate Your Warrior, Laser Tassles, and Mr. Kringle's Bourbon Habit
November 12, 2010LIES About Belt Buckles, The Tortoise Wins Again, and High Five
October 14, 2010Ride Off Into the Sunset Beer Company, Special Ops Meets Box Wine, and The Wine Conch
September 21, 2010WUHT WUHT TWENTY TEN and The Postman Always Drinks Twice
August 26, 2010White Trash Wine Tasting Twenty Ten, The Wine Fairy, and Sgt. Slaughter Meets Grenache Blanc
July 22, 2010I Prefer Wines That Don't Actually Suck, Minervois....Kinda, and Eric Kent Pre-Release Fall Tasting
June 22, 2010Coho ho ho, Hey Crazy Eagle, and The Lemonade Stand
June 4, 2010The Squad Is Coming For You, 8 is Enough, Follow the Liter, and Hello Coho
May 20, 2010The Unimaginable Deceptive Genus, Mimes vs. Cowboys Rose Tasting, and Pay the Piper
April 30, 2010Open BugHouse, Rhymes with Flangria, and Children's Day Without the Children
April 21, 2010You Got Your Posip in My Pinela, The Lovely Bone-Jolly, and Man-Servant Wine-Steward
April 8, 2010A Donkey and a Goat Walk Into a Bar, We Heart Beer, I'm Soooo Burnt Out on Kekfrankos
March 19, 2010From Their Bar to Ours, Seven Knives, and Bunnies Into Ascots
March 5, 2010What Pairs With Na'vi, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, and The Prodigal Wine Returns
February 19, 2010The Drunk Catch, Muskrat Love, The Return of the Killer Abeja, and The Secret Shipwreck
February 3, 2010Let Your Arrow Go, Where's Saldo, Portuguese Wine Tasting, and Is That a Droid on Your Bottle?
January 8, 2010Drinking While Using Chainsaws, Washington / Willamette, King Me, and Organic Feed Bags
December 18, 2009Vino-Flora and The Last Friday Tasting of the Year!
December 2, 2009The Geekanter Returns, Stuff to Put Your Booze In, and The Goose Is Just Big-Boned
November 24, 2009How The Grinch Drank Christmas, There Is No One By That Name Here, and Sunday Bubbles
November 13, 2009Pixies and Robots, Anubis and Grandma, and Giving Thanks for Booze
October 22, 2009Hallowine, A Not-So-Lazy Sunday Tasting, and Is That a Badger On Your Terrace?
October 2, 200911th Annual Eagle Rock Music Fest, Huffingtons, and You Don't Smell Like a Monkey At All.....Really
September 18, 2009The Trickle Down Theory, Buy Wine = Cure Cancer, and The Bootmaker's Invention
August 28, 2009White Trash Wine Tasting 2009, Last Call You Drunks, and The Terroirists Win
August 6, 2009Pirate Frog On a Cannon, Demon Slayer Hits the Bulzai (Sake Tasting 2009), and The Wine Rebellion
July 24, 2009Two for Mirth, Wine for the Confused, and Where's the Kaboom?
July 9, 2009Two Screwdrivers and a Bra Please and Let the Potus Keep it Potable
June 25, 2009The Island of Dr. Merlot, Quack-Head, and The Man Who Only Uttered "Sausages"
June 12, 2009Eastern Block, Bandol on the Run, and Digital Killed the Analog Star
May 27, 2009The Last Monkey Show, Do a Complete 3/50, and Rogue Island
May 15, 2009Gone to Seed, Cowboys vs. Mimes vs. The von Trapps at The Rose Bowl, and ACME Wine Tasting
May 1, 2009The Wine Flu, Sangria Saturday IV: The Return of Tastiness, and No Way Uruguay?
April 17, 2009No Mimes In This Box, Jim the Intern, and El Fin.
March 31, 2009No Taxation Without Inebriation, The Black Sheep of Our Family, and All Hail Jimmy Pants
March 20, 2009Chateau Crusty, Down That Old River Road, and Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Wine?
March 5, 2009The CoWineCo Comprehensive Stimulus Package
February 13, 2009Life With a Four Year Old, Mo' Molnar Please, and Be My (Cheap) Valentine
January 30, 2009Major Incredible, Rhone is Where the Heart Is, and the Kogi BBQ Truck Comes Hither
January 16, 2009What the Obamas Drink With All That Arugula, Grammar Cracker, and Easy Like Sunday Evening
January 1, 2009Some Thoughts on Baby New Year
December 10, 2008Juice Newton Was Wrong, Canasta Jones, Good Morning Glory, and Dear Santa
November 21, 2008Please Pass the Bird of High Moral Character, The Wine Pouch, and Hello There
November 13, 2008Vincent's Price, Judgment Day for that Double Bastard, and Autumn is a Phony
October 29, 2008Vote For Wine, Black Velvet If You Please, and The Ghost of Economies Past
October 17, 2008Frito Pie and You, Penny Farthing For Your Thoughts, and Joe the Plumber (but not really)
October 2, 2008Eagle Rock Music Festival
September 25, 2008Third Boxcar, Debatable, So Long Sangria, and Sandra Dee and Discordianism
September 15, 2008CoWineCo/You: The Dream Ticket, and The Land of the Green Capes
August 28, 2008The Great Chalkboard War of 2008, The East Side Tomato King, and Happy Thoth Day!
August 15, 2008Super Heroes at Home, Beer Me, SuperDave and A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama!
July 31, 2008Good Vibrations, I'm So Cool I Only Drink Merlot, and Pinot Noir Killed the Cabernet Star
July 17, 2008Like Wine Off a Duck's Back, Under the Covers, and Oinkster Pastrami.....You Complete Me
July 3, 2008Beans Don't Burn on the Grill, The Nearness of You, and What Pairs Best With a Roman Candle?
June 20, 2008I'm So Hangry I Might Hit You and Have a Blintz, New Stuff With Alcohol In It, and The Red Phone
June 6, 2008Importers of Great Import, Pink and Red Cowboys, and Old "Trumpet" Will
May 23, 2008Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes, Stroll Down Lois Lane, and Wondertwin Powers....Activate!
May 7, 2008Let's Be Franc, Mom Wants Wine, We Put the Recess in Recession, and Chet is Alive!
April 23, 2008Experience Palpitations As You Take Your White Horse Up the Big, Manly Mountain and Taste Some Sake
April 10, 2008Cowboys or Mimes - It's Your Decision, Abracapocus, Supertasters, and Allocation Station
March 28, 2008Red Rover Red Rover Send Hangover Over, Cube-Bert, and That Question You Keep Asking Us
March 14, 2008Make the Pi Higher and April Showers
February 28, 2008Electrify My Soul, Put a Cork In It, The Kids Are Alright, Oh Orcella!
February 14, 2008Cupid Has a Crossbow, Who Is James R. Pelton? and Dear CoWineCo Customers
January 31, 2008Shipping Wine Leads to a 12 Step Program, Imbibe for Imbolc, and Wabbit Season
January 17, 2008Killer Bees In Our Bar, Old Slatback Manny, and Are You Pouring Anything Good Today?
January 4, 2008Protagonist, The Year of the Ultrasonic Laugher, and The First Tasting of 2008!
December 19, 2007Santa Came Early
December 6, 2007Paper Tiger, More Good Food, and The Meters
November 21, 2007Gobble, Gobble, Vino, Vino
November 8, 2007Sweep the Leg Johnny, Don't You Look Striking Today, and The Polarity Guy
October 25, 2007A Brownstone in Eagle Rock, King of the Hilltops, and Like a Stray Cat - But Better
October 11, 2007The Sinister Hand, Growing Manes, and Pick Your Poison
September 28, 2007Adios Sangria, Eagle Rocks, and Rod Roddy and the Meters
September 14, 2007The Other Koehler, That's a Good Boy, and Lunacy in the Winehouse
August 22, 2007Trash Talk, The Guttenberg Bible, and Great White: Man's Biggest Fear
August 9, 2007White Trash Wine Tasting 2007, Temento - The Freshmaker, and We Always Drink in Our Buffalo Stance
July 26, 2007El Fin de Drew, A Herd of Gazela, and Hostess CupTakes
July 11, 2007The Hours, BFF (except when it comes to our wine), and Wine for Art's Sake
June 20, 20072007 Beer Tasting (or, Handicraft Art Lozenge), Hello My Name is Cheryl, and The Goonies Code
June 7, 2007Heavy Metal Thunder, Rocket Mail, and That's One to Grow On
May 24, 2007The Bee and the Plane, This Wine Tastes Like Beef Toes, and National Towel Day
May 13, 2007Eagle Rock Cures!
May 10, 2007Let's Just Call It GV, Kris Curran Strikes Again, and Yay Lemur Day!
April 26, 2007Mikey Likes It, The Almost-FreeMason, Paper or Canvas, and Treat Her Like a Lady
April 19, 2007Pink Wine Tasting This Saturday!
April 12, 2007A Hot Dog Talks to Ricky Schroder, Cracklin' Rose, and Ewwww, Gross Income
March 29, 2007Someone Went Shopping, Ace of Clubs, and I'll Take Parachute Pants For a Thousand, Alex
March 15, 2007Full-Bodied With a Slight Hint of Nokia, Do Judge This Wine By Its Cover, and Poncherello
March 2, 2007Malm's the Word, The Other Melville, Oh the Places You'll Rock, and Hands Up!
February 14, 2007Be Wine, Nylon and Kim Jong-Il, and The Not-So-Terrible 2s
January 31, 2007Marmotaphobia, Come Hang Out With a Bunch of Jerks, and a Shiny New Week-O-Wine
January 18, 2007Fits Like a Glove, Return of the Jerk, and Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho
January 3, 2007Speak and Spell No Evil, Bubbled Over, and May Old Acquaintance Be Not Forgot
December 20, 2006Visions of Spiked Sugarplums
December 7, 2006Fa la la la la, la la la, Woops
December 6, 2006Prison Break, Get On the Soul Train, and Kyrie Eleison on Kir Royales
November 28, 2006CoBeerCo 2: This Time It's Personal
November 21, 2006Pilgrim's Progress, Heaven in a Hand Basket, and Take a Load Off Fanny
November 9, 2006Mini-Newsletter: You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat and 18,000 Words on Our Walls
November 2, 2006Soda Hates You and Wants You to Pay More Taxes, Silver is Gold, and Hey Puckface!
October 19, 2006Red Dawn, The Swordsman! and The Greatest Showket on Earth
October 5, 2006Snoop Through Other People's Homes, Odysseus Paella, and Not Von-Steuben Day
October 2, 2006Bring Your Butler!
September 20, 2006In the Mouth of Madness, Meerkats Love Music, and Joan Loves Chachi
September 6, 2006MartyFest 2: Old Habits Die Hard, Shopping for Farmers, and We Have a Lampshade on Our Head
August 22, 2006Paging Mr. Stelvin, An American in Paris, and the Dubliner
August 10, 2006Number 5 Is Alive, Sake Talkie, Crocodile Juan and His Merry Poodle Show
July 26, 2006Happy System Adminstrator Appreciation Day, Viva la Mexico, and There's a New Sheriff in Town
July 13, 2006Le Spongebob, Mexican Wine Immigration, and The Other Side of Sea Smoke
June 29, 2006CoBeerCo, The Lackey Wears Blundstones, and City of Hope
June 19, 2006DELICIOUS Book Signing Correction!
June 15, 2006Pick a Bottle...Any Bottle, Your Liver and You, and MMmm Delicious
June 2, 2006Woops, Correction
June 1, 2006The Building Blocks of Bordeaux, The Anti-June Gloom Room, and Gone Raw Fishin'
May 17, 2006Ave Sangria, The Sweet Sounds of New Order, and The Happiest Canyon In the Whole Friggin' World
May 4, 2006The Piñata of Love, Getting Carded, and Our Love is Like a Pink Pink Rosé
April 20, 2006It's Geraldo's Vault, Guzzle or Spit, and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's Sidekick
April 7, 2006Attack of the Killer Abejas, The Definition of Cool, and How Much Wine Could a Wood Chip Chuck?
March 22, 2006The Odyssey, Top Le Secret, and This Just In
March 8, 2006A Little Italy, That Musty Guy Brett, and Fiddly McDancy
February 15, 2006We Say It's Our Birthday, Butts in Seats, and An Organic Experience
February 2, 2006I Heart You, Beneath Alexander Hamilton and Return of the Week-O-Wine
January 18, 2006New-Art Theater, Em and Ems for Dinner, and Meet Volatile Ester
January 5, 2006Dog Yeared, The Mighty Oak, and Blame it on the Rain
December 15, 2005Kir Royale Treatment, The Mouth of a Gift Horse, and a Glass Half Empty
December 1, 2005Good Food at Sunset, Free the Prisoner, and Remembering our Meritage
November 17, 2005Hey Jerky, The Beaujolais Nouveau Conspiracy, Getting Cased, and Who New?
November 3, 2005I'll Take Former Dictatorships for $15 Alex, Tiny Bubbles, and Turkey Solutions
October 19, 2005Mein, Mein, All Mein, Cheese Glorious Cheese, Almost Kelly Clarkson, and Is That All You Gott?
October 3, 2005The Price of Gas, Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together, and Which Wine Pairs With Vegemite?
September 22, 2005Napa Valley Girls, Your Shipping Has Come In, and Tapas Can You Hear Me?
September 15, 2005Colonel Sanders, D.O.A., Call a Cab, and How Sweet It Is
September 7, 2005Pass The Old El Paso Robles, Let's Get Ready to Rumball, and Drink Wine to Help New Orleans
September 3, 2005Hurricane Katrina Relief
September 1, 2005Oh My Grenache, The French Connection, and Let the Wine Make Itself
August 25, 2005France's Flem Problem, Going into Labor, and Please, Throw Me Into the Brig
August 18, 2005Please Name Our Syrah Tasting, The Price of Happiness, and CoWineCo: The Early Years
August 11, 2005Pinot 911, Pretty in Pink, and Sake to Me
August 4, 2005Blame It On Rioja, We're Screwed, and I'll Be Back, Mate
July 28, 2005Press Here, Sunday Whites, and The Country You Don't Cry For
July 22, 2005Anglim Winery: Special Tasting Next Friday the 29th
July 20, 2005Sangria Saturdays, Week-O-Wine, and Smells Like Teen Spirits
July 14, 2005Heat Miser, There's No Place Like Home, Hladis Work, and Drinkin' With the von Trapps
July 7, 2005Fellini Bellini, Confessing Our Zins, and Clearance, Clarence
June 30, 2005Anacreon in Heaven, Leggo My Prosecco, Chamber Music, and UB40-Something
June 23, 2005Scotland's Yard, Sign Tasting, Tannin Lotion and a Surfboard on a Ferrari
June 16, 2005Smitty, The Pilgrim, and Please Don't Hold the Presses
June 8, 2005I Don't Know Anything About Wine, My Own Private CoWineCo, and Adventure! Romance! Wine!
June 2, 2005German Engineering, Week-O-Wine, and 30 Pounds of Rasberries
May 26, 2005The Garber Shop, The Poll Booth and Decoration Day
May 20, 2005Happy in Happy Canyon, The Eiswein Cometh, and Sunday Bubbly Sunday
May 12, 2005MartyFest 2005, Oregashington, and Spanish Fly
May 6, 2005Mama's Day, Importance of Importers, and The More Red Wine I Drink, The Healthier I Get
April 29, 2005The Sake Shelf, Beauty and the Beast, and Cat Pee
April 20, 2005A Tasting of Epic Proportions, Sunday Bubbly, and BBQ Juice
April 14, 2005A Ballet of Angels, The O.C. and Rose Colored Glasses
April 7, 2005The Griffin, Chile Willy and That Elusive Thing We Call Our Parking Lot
March 30, 2005Grab a Week of Wine, South African Port and New Tastings
March 22, 2005Wine Bar and Pinot Noir
March 12, 2005Our First Two Weeks, Temecula Zin and the Grand Opening Party
February 19, 2005Opening Day

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